My passion for lutherie stems from being surrounded by music and woodwork as a child. I learned how to play acoustic guitar at around the age of ten. I’d play almost every day but as the years went on and as I got the opportunity to play luthier made guitars, my interest shifted towards how they were made. How does the guitar work? Why do some guitars sound better than others?

I became obsessed with guitar making and in 2011 whilst studying at the Lagan Lutherie School in Belfast, under the the expert tutelage of Sam Irwin, I made my first guitar. Donal McGreevy Guitars was established from my small workshop at home in the north of Ireland shortly afterwards.

From the outset it was important that I create my own designs and carve out a unique style, tonally and aesthetically. My design style is quite simple. Elegance through simplicity is what I am looking for. I believe that the true beauty is in the wood and it’s my job is to frame that beauty as best I can.

I now make a small number of guitars each year from my new studio workshop in Downpatrick, County Down. This allows me time to carefully consider the design, work with the very best materials and ensure the highest quality craftsmanship. I create a guitars that aim to inspire the player every time it’s played. Guitars that look good, sound great and are comfortable to play.


A DADGAD duet composed and played by Will McNicol.


Jamie Gale

“Sophisticated yet approachable, McGreevy’s work is characterised by clean lines, rich tones and a finish that feels great to the touch.”

Benjamin Kubitz

“Responsive to the lightest touch but still handles strumming really well. With a perfect balance across the board, it’s a recording artists dream!”