Surrounded by music and craft from a young age my passion for the guitar and woodwork was sparked. The opportunity to study lutherie was an obvious choice and combined my love of the two.

I studied at the Lagan Lutherie School under the tutelage of Sam Irwin and soon after began crafting guitars from my own workshop just a stone’s throw from the school in Co. Down.

Inspired by my own personal tastes as a self-taught guitar player and by the folk, Irish traditional and Celtic finger-style musicians I grew up listening to, my guitars have a unique style both tonally and aesthetically.

I make only a small number of guitars each year which allows me to select the very best materials available and guarantees a carefully considered design and the highest quality craftsmanship.

I appreciate the many variables that have to come together to create a guitar that looks great, sounds great and is comfortable to play. Working closely with my clients and by understanding their requirements, I can confidently craft a bespoke guitar tailored to their tastes.